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English is not my native language and will never be, but I really love writing stories.
I love meeting new friends, even if we don't really have anything in comman in the first place, I'm sure time will prove to me that you're just as good a friend a girl like me could have. :D

As I said I love LOVE writing stories, be it fanfictions or original stories with OCs. I'm currently drown in FFVII fandom and couldn't find my way out, so I'll be here. But I've been to Football fandom, Tennis, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and even Skins (yes, that Brit drama). So I'm currently working my butt off, trying to write as many FFVII fics and OS fics as posdsible. If you like my stories, please leave me a little comment or review, I'd greatly appreciate it. :D

Oh, I draw, too. Not that good though. I might post them on my journal once in a while.

final fantasy vii

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