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Disclaimer: All works below are 100% pure fictions. I own naught but imagination.

FFVII: Art work 3
AC's end Cloud S.
I know you're probably scared that I'm going to post something horrible again.

But hopefully, this time is better.

Cuz' they're all pencil sketches. :D (I suck at coloring.)

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Final Fantasy VII: Art work 2
AC&#39;s end Cloud S.
Yo, here I am, again.

Yes, I know, after the last post I should probably quit drawing, but hey! I wana improve my skill so that one day I'll draw something as decent as those on deviantART!!!

Again, it's a very small preview:

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Final Fantasy VII: Art work
mine :D, cloudy
YESSSSSSSSSSS!!   \(> v <)/
I did it!
My first Cloudy by photoshop!
it's from one of my sketches, have to say pencil drawing is way easier than tablet drawing

(I know, his eyes look weird, but try and ignore that, yeah? XD)

A little preview:

Now that you have the slightest idea of what it's gona look like,

go away if you don't wana see it/think you're ready for seomthing so horrible :D

Caution: It might harm your eyes; brace yourselfCollapse )

Final Fantasy VII: 1 - Memory
cloud&#39;s smile: i&#39;m not alone

Paring: Sephiroth/Cloud

Summary: 4 months after the Kadaj Gang event, a man made his return, again.

Author's note: This is a sweeeeeeeet fic! >V<!

1 - MemoryCollapse )


(author, sadly)Here I am, again! This time, it's a Final Fantasy VII fanfic > v <! I know I'm a bit slow, but hey, fanfictions don't have a time limit! :D! Remind you, this is the first fic from my 366日 collections :D! If you like it, leave me a comment and wait patiently while I type up the rest, ha-ha~! 

At the end of AC, as you know, Cloud has forgiven himself, and (finally) let himself be rid of the responsibilities of the death of Aerith and Zack.

But, it doesn’t mean that his love for Sephiroth is GONE! Not to me anyway! (Laugh out loud)

He didn’t feel like he belongs in the Seventh Heaven is because, everyone around him seemed so happy, so at ease, that somehow made him quite uncomfortable.

I suppose it’s because he’d been alone for too long. (Poor Cloudy)

So once Sephiroth stepped into his life again, in a romantic way this time, my Cloudy will change, almost completely, to another person.

Or rather, to a person, Tifa once knew.

The happy little Cloud ^^!

P.S. I just paid 50 quid for my freaking exams resits, should've got an A the first time then this 50 can go into my new bag funding D: point is: I'm not happy, and I don't write when I'm not happy :D!





AC&#39;s end Cloud S.
I found it very difficult to write. Please don't ask me why, I'm always not in the mood. I guess, maybe, I'm a bit stressed?

I used to be called a "stress-free" person, guess I am no more?

Anyway, if any of you had read any of my stories, just to let you know I'm still writing, only, slowly.

Oh, and I found the idea writing original stories much more appealing than fanfiction. Not that I don't like fanfiction, I love them in fact, so much you can only imagine. But with OS I don't have to care about getting wrong about the places, the characters and all other stuffs.

As I'm currently working on 2 original stoies (I know I probably shouldn't do that), one is my Hell's Series, and the other, more like, adventures-filled.

Happy 2010!
AC&#39;s end Cloud S.
It's 2010! To celebrate I wrote two little ficlets, from tennis fandom and my original stories basket.

Wish everybody has a wonderful New Year and 2010! :D

Title: Happy New Year
Author: Satin O Moonbeam
Warning: M/M Sex


TS: Roger F/Andy RCollapse )


Original Stories BasketCollapse )

Justice League Slash: Swimming
AC&#39;s end Cloud S.

Title: Swimming
Author: Satin O Moonbeam

Pairing: Bruce Wayne/Wally West
Summary: 1 in the morning, Wally wants to swim.
Author's note: It's just another random story I wrote around last year september.
Warning: Hints of M/M Sex

Swimming。。。Collapse )




Original Stories Basket: First Time with Sam Sharratt, the Heartthrob
AC&#39;s end Cloud S.
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

God Damn the Writer's Block
AC&#39;s end Cloud S.
I don't know if I should call myself a writer, but I did hit the writer's block.

and i'm hitting it over and over again.

over and over agian.


I'm starting so many stories, but I'm finsihing none haha.

Yesterday I was listening to a song called Sleeping Beauty, from G.E.M. a Hong Kong singer.

Then the idea of writing a sequel for sleeping beauty popped up. I'd read many sequels of sleeping beauty and I kind of like them. One of them is really - when i said really, i mean it - pornographic. It's from a novel I borrowed from a friend ages ago, and I still couldn't forget it.

So there you go, I've really dirty mind. My brain's almost turned yellow because I've read/watched too much H manga/porn HA! XD
Hoooll, who cares though. It's made to be watched. I'm only fulfilling its purpose on this earth.

Anyway, writer's block.

I hate writer's block.

Original Stories Basket: Love - sequel to Twins
AC&#39;s end Cloud S.
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )


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